Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday Crafts: Reverse Applique Shirts

Ever since I made my monster shirt I have been inspired to make more shirts for the boys.  Both of my boys had a shirt in their drawer that they were not going to wear.  MJ had one with a bulldozer, but the shirt was made too short and wide to fit anyone.  TJ had a Thomas dress shirt but he doesn't like buttons.  I decided to find a way to save these unwanted gems.  I give you my reverse applique shirts.

They are quite simple to make.  Here are some pictures of what I did.
1. trace around the picture you'd like and cut it out.
2. Pin your picture to the inside of the new shirt with the wrong side facing you.  Now using a zig-zag or applique stitch, sew around your picture.
3. Cut on the inside of your sewing line to reveal your picture below.
4. enjoy your new shirt!!

Sorry I have no pictures of the boys in their shirts.  MJ has worn his a few times.  TJ won't wear any of the shirts I've made him.  Not sure why but I'll be patient.

Does your little one have a shirt that doesn't fit but they still love?  What did you do?

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