Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monster Shirt

Yesterday I was looking at some of the blogs I like and came across this contest at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  I was very excited about it, but quickly realized that the deadline was fast approaching!  Here is what I made in my few moments of free time over the past few days.

My inspiration was an old calendar that we use as a colouring book.

My shirt is a plain blue one that still fits TJ

I also used scraps left over from MJ's upcycled boy hat.  I need to post some pic for that, you can check them out on my Facebook page.

Here is the front

Here is the back
TJ loves the shirt.  Now that it has snowed again I think we may get some use out of it.  I also found a plain shirt in MJ's draw that needs some sprucing up!

Do you have any boy crafts to share?

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I Am Momma Hear Me Roar


  1. I love the back! ( I love the front, too, but the back is SOOOOOO clever:)

  2. so cute!!! i love the pocket and the monsters are adorable!! I say you in the contest linky party!

  3. Cute!!! Love the pocket and the monster on the back. My 4 year old would love something like this!

  4. Love that! I love the pocket on the front and the peeking monster on the back ... very cute. And what boy doesn't love a good monster?

  5. That is too cute. Thanks for sharing. I found you with the Lets Hear It for the Boys link party.


  6. I love the monsters! That shirt would truly be almost every little boys dream :).

  7. Those are the cutest monsters! I love that you did both sides of the shirt. Stopping by from the contest :)

  8. Very cute!! Happy monsters are the best monsters!

  9. Okay, SUPER cute. And I'm totally impressed you made it with such short notice. I can sew quickly, but I have to have LOTS of time to think things through first. Love the pocket and the monsters so much.