Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday's Tips: Quick and Easy Doll Clothes

Okay so I don't have a girl right now, but I do have an adorable niece who loves her dolls.  I know just how expensive it is to buy doll clothes.  It can also be time consuming and difficult to make your own.  My tip today is to check out the newborn section of your local thrift store.  It may help to measure your doll or bring it along for the shopping trip.

I bought a newborn onesie for $0.99, then using my amazing crafty skills I turned it into a little shirt/dress.  It was too long as a onesie , but I think a little doll will like this new outfit.  You may need to make some slight alterations but just think of the possibilities!!

Okay so here is a sneak peek at the dress.  I may save it as a gift or give it to my niece sooner.

What are your doll wearing??


1 comment:

  1. Aww... I'm sure the person receiving this dress is going to be very happy! The ruffle on the bottom is adorable :).