Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wednesday: Upcycled Ski Jacket

I own a very nice green winter coat that my mom bought me.  While I was pregnant with MJ my big belly busted through the zipper and the coat was never the same after that.

 My nice coat.

We tried all winter this year to fix it.  After several months of making due with this coat and an older one with a missing zipper pull, I finally bought a new one.  I was going to throw this lovely green jacket away when I got crafty... nothing is safe with me!  Take a look at what I did with my ski jacket!!!

 This is the inside of the coat.

These wet bags are made from the bottom edge and back of the coat.

 These puches are made from the pockets and inside lining of the jacket.
 I use these pouches in the diaper bag or my purse to hold extra diapers, snack...
 Durable bean bags made from sleeves and scraps.  
They are filled with plastic beads so we can use them outside.
 I had great intentions for mittens.  TJ needed some that were waterproof.  Unfortunately I didn't leave enough for the seam allowance, so they were ridiculously too small.  I bed they would have turned out great!

What have you upcycled recently?

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