Monday, 21 March 2011

Tuesday's Tips: Labeled Toy Bins

Yesterday while TJ was playing in his room he asked me where his small cars were.  I was busy feeding MJ so I had a hard time describing to him where they were.  This prompted me to complete a task we had started a long time ago...

I am a bit of an organization freak, but on occasion it does come in handy.  When we first created a playroom for TJ we bought a cool storage unit from IKEA.  I sorted his toys and put them in the nice bins, and of course he dumped them all out and I'd spend a lot of time reorganizing everything.

I got this tips from some friends who did home daycare.  I took photos of all the toys in each bin and placed the photo along with a label on each bin.  Sound simple but it works wonders!

When TJ was younger he would actually point to a specific toy on a bin that he wanted.  It helps a lot with clean up too.  And now TJ can find his small cars on his own!

Labeling bins can be done for any type of storage you have, not just for toys!

Do you have any storage tips to share?

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