Thursday, 13 June 2013

Learning all the time

Oh it has been so long since I've posted.  Life is just too busy for me to figure out my photo uploading issue.  I'll most likely start a new blog in the fall and start over fresh...

This post is more for myself and anyone else with young children who sometimes feel they should be 'doing' more with their kids.  You may not agree and that is okay.

So today I had the feeling that I just wasn't doing enough with my boys.  You see my boys are 3 and 5. We are a Waldorf inspired homeschooling family.  I also have a home daycare.  On a given day there are anywhere between 2-5 other children joining us. So today was one of my slower days with just 2 babies and my boys.  I guess the "quiet" got me thinking, worrying...

I decided to write down all the things we did and learned today.  It is not well organized but here you go:

Nature study: watching worms and moving them safetly off the path in the forrest.
Playing in mud, learning about the suction power of a good mud puddle. Enjoying a beautiful rainy walk.  Observing and wondering who was eating our rhubarb leaves.  Checking on our vegetable gardens.

observing puddles, how a moving bicycle wheel can make the water move and spray

Physical Education: Walking, rope swing, bicycles, trampoline, running, carrying loads. These were the more active activities.  We also played in the sand box, drive the ride-on tractor all over the place, played with fine motor toys at the Early Years Centre.

Math: Counting along with songs, TJ counted all the eggs and discovered how many were left after he made his snack, made up more math problems with the eggs. MJ tried counting numbers on the clock.  At the Early Years Centre the boys sorted all the coloured bears into bowls, TJ also completed several pattern cards using coloured bugs on his own.

Child care: how to play safetly with babies, learned about separation anxiety and how to help a baby deal with that, comfort them.

Faith: awesome prayers and thanksgiving today

Art: The boys sat for ages and made collages completely on their own,  playdough, painting

Language: read lots of stories, made up oral stories, retelling of events in TV show, singing

Mechanics: learned about sawmills (Might Machines) and retold lots of details, 'helped; daddy fix his motercycle.

Home economics: boys loaded and sorted laundry, TJ thought up to sweep the kitchen on his own to keep down the mess, TJ washed windows outside with the car snow brush.  They helped to pick out food at the grocery store.  TJ decided what to make for his snack and completely made his own scrambled eggs.  He also helped prepare dinner too.

Imaginative play: TJ spent his entire time at the Early Years Centre dressed as a giant caterpillar!  The boys played tractors and trains.  Their dog toys dressed up in rain coats to play outside.  Their special bed friends came along and 'talked' all day with us.

Social skills: greeting daycare parents, navigating the day with children of various ages, communicating well with volunteers at the Early Years Centre, sharing, problem solving, resolving conflicts and apologizing.

Oh I'm sure there was so much more going on today that I didn't pick up on.  Every day I am amazed and overwhelmed by something my children are doing.  I am so blessed to spend my time with them and their friends.  We have a lot of fun together and they have helped me to grow personally so much.  We are also very blessed to live in our natural location too.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring...