Sunday, 25 November 2012

November catch-up

PLEASE NOTE: If you happen to look for older posts and they've gone missing here is what happened.  I got a message that I had used up all my photo storage space.  I could purchase more space but I decided to delete some old posts that didn't have too many views.  Unfortunately it didn't make any difference so I just lost some good posts.

I have been given several suggestions on what to do, but I think it would require me reformatting all the old photos and re-posting old posts.  With over 200 posts I'm not loving that idea.  So I can't share what we have been doing all month with you.

We have had a great November.  We have been playing dress up, eating new healthier foods, and finding new activities to do outside.  November is hard for me because it isn't quite winter/Christmasy but in Canada we are done with Thanksgiving/fall.  We made lanterns for Martinmas, and focused a lot on Jack Frost.  We also enjoyed our first snow fall.

Next week I'll be gearing up for December and creating our advent calendar.

I hope to be back up and blogging soon.

Many blessings to you all.