Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday's Favourites: I Spy Alphabet Game

This week TJ has been learning the alphabet.  We borrowed the Leap Frog movie Letter Factory from the library.  I think he has requested it several times a day all week.  Amazingly TJ has leaned the alphabet and all the letter sounds just from watching the DVD.  I was planing in the fall to do a little program/ activities and such with him, but I guess there may be no need.

I was thinking of a way to practice his letters when the idea came to me.  Most people know how to play I-Spy.  You think of an object and the other person guesses what it is.  The only clue they have is the colour.  For example "I- Spy with my little eye something that is green."  Oh I bet you didn't know it was my PJ's (I'm blogging very late at night).

Here is how we play, because TJ hasn't quite grasped the concept of the real game yet.  He just looks around to find anything that is the colour or starts with the letter I give him.

Mom: "I spy with my little eye something that starts with M."
Mom: "What does the M say?"
Tim: "mmmmm"
Tim: "I know mmmm, Mommy!"

He has been asking to play all week.  We've also been practicing what the letters say by going through his Thomas the Train Alphabet cards.  We also try out the ASL sign for the letters too.  We watch Signing Time videos to practice our signs.

What alphabet activities are you doing?


  1. You have one smart kiddo there! Gotta love those DVDs.

    I learned how to fingerspell using the Signing Time series and I'm not even a kid! Haha.


  2. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog -- I appreciate it so much. I've had fun looking at your blog -- that bunny garland is sooo cute!