Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Week of Learning

This week my boys have astounded me wth the new skills they are learning.

Here is a bit about MJ:
MJ is getting very active.
He is very quick with crawling.
Loves to get into anything he shouldn't (potty, garbage, water cooler) and he is very determined.
He balanced for a few seconds.
Played with play dough for the first time and enjoyed that
Pushed the toy lawn mower while holding my hand.

Here is what TJ has been up to:
TJ has leaned the alphabet and what each letter says.  We watch Letter Factory by Leap Frog
He can also put on his own underwear] and pants (very hepful when going potty)
He can often do his own shoes.
Basically he wants to try to do most things on his own now.

This week we went for a walk in the forest. Our house is along the Bruce Trail.

We played outside at home often.  On the weekend we took my parents' dog for a walk and had a picnic dinner at their local playground.

We usual we've been quite crafty.  I need to spend a bit more time on company business, house cleaning and generally catching up on old projects next week.

I am feeling quite blessed by small things this week.  how was your week??


  1. I love the blue flower shirt! The flowers on them are wonderful :). How did you make them?

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. It's fun watching our kids grow up but a bit sad too because I find it goes by so fast.

    And yes, I think we do live pretty close to one another...I'm in the area of Guelph Line & Hwy 5...would love to meet sometime!

  3. I'll be posting more on my wardrobe once I finish a few more things. I'll email you for more details.