Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fabric Roads

I have decided I must have some kind of craft attention deficit disorder.  Let's call it CADD.  Every time I get onto my computer I find some new craft I want to make.  I get all excited and drop what I'm doing to start this new project.  In yesterday's post I mentioned that I really need to tackle the mess in my bedroom.  Since I also share my room with my crafts (and my hubby), I may need to tackle some unfinished projects before I can clean.

Here is my list of half done projects to finish:
- 2 bean bags waiting to be stuffed and sewn
- 6 placemats to finish appliques and add a backing
- 1 dress needing the facing and hem
- 1 dress mostly cut out
- 4 quilt squares waiting for two pieces of material each
- 20 (soon to be 24) quilt squares needing to be assembled
- 2 shirts wanting to be modified/updated

The reason I'm going on about all this is because I got distracted Monday night.  While looking for some material online I came across this great idea for fabric roads at Seven Thirty Three.  Yesterday I dropped everything and went about making our own set of roads.  I decided to use up several pairs of my husbands old jeans (he donated them to me a long time ago).

Our roads were extremely simple to make.  I cut 6 inch wide strips of jeans in various lengths. I decided to use the wrong side of the material because the other side is stained and they are all different shades of blue/dirt.

 I didn't sew them or anything because I don't think they'll fray that much.  I used yellow puffy paint to draw the lines on the roads.  Total cost $2 for the paint!

 I still need to make some curved roads.  I'll just add that to my list!!

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