Friday, 13 April 2012

Ultimate Blog Party Welcome!

Welcome everyone to Raising Our Family. This blog is an eclectic mix of family events and photos, crafts I am working on, activities for the kids, faith moments and more.

About Us
You can find a lengthy version on the My Family page at the top. We are a Christian family living in Southern Ontario.  We have a family business called Integrity Fire and Control Systems Inc.  I do all the office work while my husband in the man in the field.  Our company is growing, praise the Lord, which keeps us busy along with two young boys. If the Lord is willing we would like to homeschool our boys, we blog about the many things we do during the day.  I am still researching and working on what our homeschooling adventure will look like.  At the moment we are moving towards a Waldorf inspired lifestyle (this journey is for another post if I get to it).   I love to do all things crafty so you'll see a lot of that in this blog. I encourage you to use the links along the right side and look around to find out more.

Some of my past most popular posts were:
Monster Shirt
Messy Rainbow Spagetti
My Favourites from this new year include:
Melted Crayon Art
Fairy Houses

The Store
I have been selling these adorable sock monsters on Facebook for a while now with great success.  They are designed to be a great stuffed toy that can also be used for the tooth fairy.  Our life is a bit busy at the moment because we are selling our house, growing the business, raising a family, etc... so I have not yet started an Etsy store. I hope to sell my upcycled creations and other unique items.  For now if there is something you like or think I can make, please contact me.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please leave a comment so I know you visited! Enjoy the party.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012


  1. We use to melt crayons.

    Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your bright and cheery template! Have fun with the UBP!

  3. Hi, Meaghan! Yes, I think we met last year through the blog party. Thanks for stopping by again. I'm a follower of yours as well, and had read your intro post but not commented yet (I'm bad about that). Nice to get to know you a little more. Your boys are so cute. :)

    I haven't gotten back w/comments on my blog lately very well either. Did you get your 4 Moms ebook? I really enjoy their writing.

  4. Meaghan... Thanks for stopping by Raising Lifelong Learners. I'm your newest follower!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog-and I hope they (cuz I have 4 active ones) can help ya out too. I will come back and read thru yours after the party is over so I can get to know you better :)

  6. Hi, Meaghan. Thanks for stopping by Creative and Curious Kids for UBP. Your boys are just ADORABLE! I'll be sure to follow and check out your site as well.


  7. Hi Meaghan, It looks as if you and I have a lot in common. Both teachers, both in STEM fields, both have 2 young boys, both like crafting, both planning on starting homeschooling this year. Is it fair to say I may have just found a wonderful friend?

    I love all your boy-friendly crafts. Monsters, melting crayons...I will by stopping by regularly. And I will do my best to make comments when I do!


    And thanks for stopping by my

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  9. Woops, sorry about that I didn't finish my thought/comment. What I wanted to say...
    Nice to meet you Meaghan! Sounds like an exciting time for you all...selling your house, growing a business, and contemplating homeschooling! Looking forward to reading a few more of your posts today and getting to know you better. Looks like you have shared a lot of great ideas!

  10. What a lovely family! Nice to meet you!

  11. I am visiting from the UBP! I love the messy rainbow spaghetti! So cute!

    Jennifer from

  12. Hi Meaghan,

    You have won QCOS Kids gift certificate during UBP12! I am sorry, I can't find your email or twitter information, so I have to post a message here. Please, contact us with an email where to send your certificate to.

    Thank you!
    Marina @qcoskids