Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter! We had a wonderful day today with a visit from the Easter Bunny, church and dinner with my family.

This year I made Easter baskets for the boys knowing that other relatives would be blessing us with lots of chocolate.  I made some baskets for the boys and sun hats for the summer.  I already have some great ideas for next year from other blogs. The Easter Bunny snuck into my closet and hid the baskets somewhere in the house.  We were left with some photo clues to find them.
TJ's basket has a hat, crayons, game, gardening gloves, large laundry clips, and a Kinder egg.  He wore the gloves the entire day only to take them off for his snack at church. The crayons are for his quiet time with me as we are beginning some Waldorf curriculum I found online.  We made a fort with the large laundry clips too! MJ's basket has a hat, toothbrushes to share, paint and brushes, a Kinder egg and memory game.  The memory/matching game is made of fabric scraps.  MJ can't wait to get painting as soon as he can.

 The Easter bunny left a note with our stuffed animals explaining that he'd added to our baskets (TJ had seen the baskets and hats previously) and hidden them.  The boys followed photo clues left around the house and yard with stuffed friends to help along the way.  There was much laughter and shrieking as we ran all over looking for the baskets.
 After we found our baskets we sampled chocolate and played with all the goodies.
After nap time we went over to my parents.  The kids had a great time looking for eggs as did the adults. My mom hid some eggs so well there may still be a few to find.  she also left some clues for the adults to find some yummy treats.  Dinner was delicious with a lamb, ham, veggies and desserts.  The boys and I made a cake and sugar cookies.  We also made a special nest for the hard boiled dyed eggs we made the other day.  Now we have put most of the chocolate away from our reach and are waiting for TJ so get down from his sugar high (he also had a nap today so he'll be up later).

Happy Easter to all I look forward to hearing about your weekend.

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