Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Weekend and Egg Activities

Hopping you are all enjoying your Easter weekend!

Today Grandma and Grandpa Scott came for a visit.  We did some crafts and went for a walk.  The boys loved their Easter treats and are still outside this evening playing with the little knit chicks.
Easter basket

Knit chicks in a knit egg

Fun and loud duck sound makers

After lunch TJ Grandma Helen and I made some resurrection eggs.  Basically you wrap bread dough around a marshmallow and bake it.  The marshmallow melts and the bun is hollow inside (like Jesus' tomb).  Very tasty treats.

Wrapping the marshmallow in dough

Dipping the buns in butter and cinnamon sugar
We also tried making these floss egg decorations.  My cousin found the idea for me.  To make them you blow up a balloon just a little.  Then dip embroidery floss in white glue and wrap it all over the balloon. Once dry you can cut the ballon and pull it out.  I'll update the post once our glue has dried!

So our weekend has just begun and is already quite busy.  The boys have been making some great memories of walks in nature, baking buns, cookies and cakes.  Lots of Easter treats and more to come.  In amongst all the festivities we are also trying to take time to read the Easter story, remind ourselves of the stations of the cross and celebrate the hope of our risen Lord!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was enjoyed by all :-) I love the sound of the buns - we will be trying them out.

    Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times

  2. Thanks also for sharing on Happy Lil Hearts are Baking :-)