Monday, 30 April 2012

Cloth napkins and TJ's photos

A long time ago (about a year) we started using cloth napkins.  I had been gifted an interesting non-tear fabric that worked quite well for us, however it is also quite water resistant.  I do believe it was old nighty material and isn't the greatest for wiping hands at the table.  These are now moving to the diaper area for wipes or we may use them for our noses (must be sure not to mix them up).

TJ and I started another project together.  We selected some material scraps that were large enough for our napkins (I measured a cocktail napkin at about 10 inches).  I decided to make them double sided for ease of sewing and durability. Our fabrics are flannel/old receiving blankets and cotton scraps from other projects.

To make these napkins:
Cut out two pieces of fabric about 10.5inches square
With right sides together sew around the square leaving a small opening
Turn right side out
Machine or hand stitch the opening closed
Top stitch about 5/8inch in from the edge

While I was working TJ decided to use the camera.  I am curious about his angles and what he sees.

His shirt

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