Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cloth diaper tips

If you are using or thinking about cloth diapers here are some things I have learned along the way.

Make sure you as a parent like and feel comfortable using the diapers you have chosen.  You'll be changing them often.  For us I use cloth but my husband uses disposables since he can't figure them out.

Shake out the extra poop.  It help with the clean up

Get a diaper pail that works for you.  There are many systems.  We use a very simple pail with a lid that can lock on.

Every so often do an extra rinse with vinegar it will help to cut bacteria.  Baking soda added to the wash is also helpful.

Use soap designed for diapers.  We started with Claudia's Choice for all our laundry.  Now we make our own and it has been fine so far.

Air dry diapers.  Sun dry if possible.

Give baby's bum lots of air time too.

Make cloth wipes.  Since you are washing the diapers anyways it makes sense.  You can simple cut up an old shirt or receiving blanket or use designated wash cloths.  We diaper in the washroom so the sink is close by, but you could keep a spray bottle handy to wet the wipes.

Happy diapering!
My stylish diaper boy

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  1. With littlies, I use a sealable tub with washcloths soaked in chamomile tea when out and about - instant wet wipes without the nasties (handy for little dirty faces and hands too).

    I've heard conventional wet wipes will take pen off leather - wouldn't want to be putting that near my children's skin!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. x