Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our cloth diaper decision

When I was first pregnant I was totally grossed out by the idea of cloth diapers.  I mean who wants to store poopey diapers in their house and then run them through the wash?!  However once I met a few people who used cloth diapers I began to think again.  TJ suffered through many terrible diaper rashes and was extremely sensitive to comercial whipes.  When he was very young I began to make our own disposable wipes.

Our Kushies diapers
I had looked into a diaper sercive.  These can be an excellent option if you are interested there may be a few in your area.  For me it wasn't a cost effective solution since disposables on sale are cheeper still.

When I came around to the idea I was all excited but TJ was now into training pants.  We chose to go with Kushies because we live near the outlet and factory so I got a good deal.  They are also readily available at Walmart for a good price.  It only made sense because he wasn't having too many accidents so why keep throwing out rraining pants.  He also trained faster because he could feel when he was went and felt like a big boy in undies.
MJ looking so stylish
When MJ was born I started with Kushies again but was really wanting something else.  I tried making my own and using a store bought outer wrap but it was quite bunchy for us.  Not the wrap just my own homade liners.  I would have loved some of the fancy brands out there but the cost was way out of our budget.  Finally I discivered Cozy kids.  They are just like the expensive kind but not sold so commercially so the price was right for me.  THere are many brands that are like this so I suggest you look for something in your area.  We love our cloth diapers and I don't regret the decidion at all.

Cloth diapers can:
Reduces waste
Save money
Healthier for baby's bum

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