Thursday, 22 September 2011

What happened to summer?

HAPPY FALL! Officially  is over as far as the calendar is concerned.  We spent all summer outside.  I hardly had to think of any interesting activities to do with the boys.  I think our sandbox is half empty now and there is no grass under the swing, but that is how it should be!

This week has been cold and rainy.   I feel bad for the kids going off to school.  I wanted to share a few indoor ideas to get you going.  PLEASE SHARE MORE IDEAS with us in the comment section.  I know these ideas are pretty obvious.  I promise I'll be getting more creative as the fall rolls on.

Painting - remember is it the process not the final product the children enjoy.  Try painting on grocery store flyers or your junk mail.  Use different products other than paint like baby food or pudding.  Use different brushes, feathers, potato masher...

Pipcleaners in the colander - these make for funny hats

Lacing - use pipe cleaners, shoe laces or string.  Try buttons, beads, cherios, noodles.

Cutting - let them loose with safety sisors and junk mail!

Mail - help them to creat their own letters.  You could play post office or even surprise the grandpatents with real mail!
Baking - everyone loves food and eating what they've made.

Play dough - we make our own and even bring other toys in to the mix

Puppets - you could make your own or just bring out a few old favourites.

Boxes - Grab some boxes and get creative.  You don't just need a large one, smaller boxes make great castles.

Play cars - we made some roads out of old jeans.

Trains - set up some kitchen chairs and go on a grand adventure.  We go to the lake (couch), mountains (fire place), and the zoo (to collect toy animals)

Technology - young children could also use the internet, computer or Wii.

Tactile play - bring your water table inside or grab a big tub and fill it with rice or dry pasta.  You could be brave and try shaving cream, jello, pudding or water.

Forts - some chairs and blankets and you've got an awesome club house!

Basically I encourage you to embrace some mess, bring out your inner child, get into your child's creative play and have a fun time inside.  I'm also all about dressing for the weather and getting outside.  Check around my blog for some of our outside adventures and more crafts and activities.

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