Monday, 19 September 2011

Math without knowing it

Our boys are still rather young but we have been considering their education since birth.  We would like to homeschool our children (I believe we already are since learning starts from the beginning).  We shall see if the Lord will allow me to continue to be at home with the boys.

As a toddler TJ learned his colours, animals, shapes, etc through puzzles, reading books, playing and through pointing at objects.  After some research I started creating lapbooks, file folder games, bought some pre-k books from the store and started trying to teach TJ some more things.  I realized that he wasn't interested in most of the activities I spent hours preparing.  He couldn't sit still and it wasn't fun learning together.  I recognize that he was still young when I did this but the websites I was getting my info from were for young kids.  After looking into different homeschool styles we read more about Unschooling.  This described our TJ perfectly and really hit home for me too.  So we will continue to follow our kids interests for the moment to see where it leads us.

So far he learned the alphabet and all the letter sounds by watching the LeapFrog Letter Factory movie.  TJ has been surprising us daily with what he knows and we aren't even trying to teach him.  Here are some shots of TJ doing math sorting on his own.

TJ sorted the lacing beads and strung them all separately.  He then took the beads for a ride in the caterpillar.

TJ piled all the toys together into his project.  He gathered all the toys that move together.
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