Saturday, 3 September 2011

Exploding Lizard

This story is so cute even though it was a tragic end for our lizard sprinkler.

We were given a blow up lizard sprinkler for TJ's first birthday.  Each summer it comes out and were have a great time.  This summer TJ has been enjoying playing with the hose a lot so the lizard sat blown up in the back yard.  The other day it was really hot so I got out all our water toys and we went to hook up the lizard.  I blew it back up and attached the hose but the water was only coming out of a few holes.  TJ began to get upset so I did some investigating and poking around.  I believe that the lizard must have had a hole on the inside because it was filling with water instead of air.

I explained to TJ that his lizard was broken and he got a bit upset.  He wanted to hug the lizard.  Imagine the little guy trying to hug  blowup lizard filled with water (it was rather heavy).  We tried to relieve the pressure and get some water out.  I figured that it was hopeless and explained to TJ that the lizard was broke and we had two choices.  We could throw it out or play with it broken.

"Mommy Lizzy is big.  It is too big for the garbage."

So we turned on the hose again. and the Lizard filled with water.  After a few minutes the side split and the lizard exploded.  TJ was confused and upset that the water wasn't coming out.  I showed him the hole and explained that we needed to say goodbye to the lizard and toss it out.

"I can see that you are upset about your lizard.  Did you want to give it a hug?"

Imagine a little boys in his swim suit holding a limp lizard with a huge hole in it.  Quivery lip and all...
"I can't give it a hug like that."

Oh I couldn't help but laugh a little and hug him.  We decided to get a new lizard next year.

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  1. Great way to spend a hot day, sorry the lizard didn't make it!