Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No cook playdough

We've had no rain almost all summer but a steady rain all day one day this week.  That evening I actually had to think up something for us to do inside.  I think playdough is like a staple play item in many homes.  I've tried out many recipies from around the web and thought I'd share my current favourite.  I got this no cook playdough recipie from our Ontario Early Years Centre.

No-Cook Play Dough Recipe
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
3 Tbsp Vegetable oil
2 packages powdered drink mix (no sugar added)
2 cups boiling water

Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl
Add oil
Add powdered drink mix to boiling water
Add water to the dry ingredients and knead
Dough should be pliable not sticky.  Add more flour a bit at a time if necessary
Store in plastic bag or container with lid

Now I've made this a few times and it always works great.  For some reason the batch we made this week required almost twice as much flour.  Perhaps I was a bit disrated by the boys at the time. I suggest you just keep adding flour (maybe a bit extra salt too) until you get the right texture.

This was MJ's first time really playing with playdough.  Last time he just poked at it and wandered off.

I prefer the home made playdough because I like the texture and because TJ (he is 3 years old) still eats it.  Actually the other day he decided to smell it and ended up with playdough up his nose!

We got out our Mr. Potato Head supplies and had fun making our own playdough creatures.

What do you do with your playdough?  Do you have a favourite recipe?  Feel free to share more in the comment section.

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