Thursday, 25 August 2011

Flower Crown

I got this idea from Elsie Marley

Here is how I made mine:
1. To make the flowers I went to Felt-o-rama and looked at some of the links for different flowers.  I got the basic idea of what to do and made a few of my own.
2. To make the crown I used a glue gun to attach the flowers to a 12inch x 2inch strip of stiff felt.
3. I cut a piece of fabric about 12 inches x 4 inches (approximately) and sewed a tube.
4. Cut a wide piece of elastic about 7 to 8 inches long.  Measure your child's head and make sure that the crown and the elastic will go all the war around.  Feed the elastic into the fabric and secure.
5. Glue or sew the elastic to the ends of the crown
6. Enjoy watching your little one play!

Now if I could just get one of the boys to stop moving long enough to get a good photo.

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