Thursday, 4 August 2011

Popsicles- (How ours turned grey)

Summer and popsicles go hand in hand.  I prefer to make our own popsicles so that they are a much healthier snack.  Usually I make a smoothy, give some to the kids and freeze the rest for popsicles later.  I'm super crazy sometimes in my smoothies.  I add banana, any fruit in the house, and put some frozen puree veggies, ground flax, yogurt and milk (or juice).

I found some interesting recipes in the "Canadian Family" Summer 2011 magazine.  These make about 12 popsicles.  We have only 8 moulds so I used some baby cubes and other containers with spoons and sticks.  Some people use Dixi cups too.

Chocolate Fudge:
Combine 1 package of chocolate pudding with 2 cups of milk and whisk in 2 cups of yogurt (it says plain but I used vanilla).

Orange Cream:
Combine 1 package of Orange Jell-O powder with 1 cup boiling water.  Whisk in 1 cup of orange juice and 2 cups of plain yogurt.

Some variations they mention are to change up the juice and Jell-O combinations.  You can also add fruit too.

After trying a few out I made my own version of the orange one.  I used blue Jello and Acai Mixed Berry V8 V-Fusion juice.  This made a very dark purple and once the yogurt was added they turned a grey colour.  Now I thought I might add some frozen blueberries and put it all in the blender, but life happened... MJ pulled the cloth on our nature table and knocked everything off the table (the rocks landed on his head).  TJ was jumping on my bed, but did stop to see what had happened.  I was pleasantly surprised that he picked up all our nature things for me.  Well after I took care of MJ I just gave up on the popsicles and froze them.  TJ tried a bit of the un-frozen mixture and liked the taste so I think we'll be fine.

What type of popsicles do you make?


  1. I'm going to have to bookmark this page. We have the molds and have never used them.

  2. These sound yummy! I may have to try these recipes over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!