Saturday, 27 August 2011

Camp photos

I finally got to uploading and looking through my camp photos.  There aren't too many because it really is hard to stop and take pictures while you are in the middle of something.  We also kept leaving the camera in our room.  But here you go...

Here is TJ sleeping and the boys at the Girl's Camp waterfront

TJ doing a craft, Me and the boys on a hike, TJ on the phone to Daddy, and MJ not sleeping

TJ and the baby sitters, TJ & his friend from camp trying to fish, TJ and friend exploring

I'm glad the boys had such a good time.  Looking at the photos I noticed that the board walk where the boys are fishing is where my husband and I got engaged.  Lots of memories!

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  1. looks like fun! I am sure your family will treasure the memories!