Thursday, 1 September 2011

Simple Pizzas

Kids love pizza and so do I.  One of our favourite things to do is sing the "Silly Pizza Song" from Signing Time.  We make up our own toppings all the time.  The other day we had a stroller, tree, leaf, lawnmower pizza.  Can you tell we were outside at the time?!

I've been noticing a big difference in the boys behaviour with the different foods they eat.  A little bit of research and the obvious answer is that processed foods aren't healthy, even though some advertise that they are.  I'm not a great cook and I learning to make healthy choices for my family.  So I thought I'd try some very simple pizzas for dinner.

Whole Grain pitas (one per person)
pizza sauce
toppings (we used orange bell pepper and pepperoni)
Toaster Oven (or regular stove)

TJ was so proud that he made dinner all by himself (only a little bit of guidance).  The boys both loved it too.  I think this will be a regular for us now.
Caught him by surprise

What other ideas can you share with me?

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