Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Free crafty fun

My boys are very active!  We've been outside so much this summer that when the weather turned cold for a few days I had to get creative quickly.  Here are some pictures of the fun things we've done recently for free (or almost).

We got out the paints and dug through the recycling bin for some flyers and such to paint on.
Look at the concentration
So proud of his work
TJ is a very tactile guy skips right to the hand prints 
Gets right into his work
My boys love to be loud and make music.  After finishing some tins of cookies that we got from my grandmother, we made our own band.  TJ was so excited to start a marching band, which we took outside.

What fun thrifty things have you been doing with your kids?

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  1. Great ideas! We have the opposite problem with it being too hot out. I can't wait until Kyton is old enough for activities like you mentioned.