Friday, 27 May 2011

Puppet Power!!

Oh wow I forgot how awesome puppets are.  When TJ was young he loved puppets.  We played with them all the time, but after a while they just got set aside.  After MJ was born they came out again but not as often.  The other day we discovered that puppets can be so very helpful and fun too.

Puppets can do house work
In the past week our puppets have been very busy helping TJ with his emotions and communication.  He feels more comfortable talking to the puppet rather than a person.  I don' t know why but  get more from him if he talks to the hand.   TJ will come to me with some puppets and ask if we can play wooden blocks. My puppet doesn't always want to share to TJ explains why we have to (oh sneaky mommy).  If TJ is upset my puppet loves to hug him.  TJ is very polite and caring towards out puppet friends and in turn is nicer to MJ while we are all playing.

At a friend's house we made a sock puppet together.  TJ wouldn't take it off for several days.  He took it shopping and more.  He also now takes his puppets out if he is feeling nervous about new situations.

Of course orange is TJ favourite colour so we even gave his puppet an orange tie!

What puppet fun have you had?

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