Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Little black skirt

I had the best time at the Value Village sale on Monday.  I went twice!!  Yes I did and I bought almost everything for myself.  It's been a long time since I did that for myself and I loved it.  Here is what I bought for about $50:

1 purse
5 tops
3 tanks tops
2 mens shirts
1 coat for MJ
3 sweaters
1 dress
sheets for material

I saw this dress the first time I went and considered buying it, then when I went back it was still there so I got it.  Okay don't get mad, I know it is a cute dress and I fit me, but I turned it into a skirt.  I have been dressing more modestly and didn't like the fit at the top of this dress.

First I made an overlocking type stitch all the way around.  Then I cut off the top of the dress.  Ha!  It was just that easy.

I think it looks pretty good and the elastic waist is a nice fit.

I bought this material (bed sheet) with the idea to make a skirt.  Now I can't decide if I should make a dress or a skirt.  What do you think??

Have you found any good thrift finds lately?

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