Friday, 6 May 2011

My Wardrobe

I was sorting through my closet the other day switching things around for the warmer weather.  It occurred to me that I really have 3 sizes of clothes: Pre-baby, Maternity, and Post-baby.  Since my closet is very small I obviously can't keep it all in there.  I share maternity clothes with my younger sister so that is all packed in a big box for the next person to use.  I sorted the rest of my clothes in to larger and smaller sizes, then figured out what size I am now.  HURRAY to me I am into my smaller clothes again!  So away went my larger things to the back of the closet.

I am excited now with what I have left because I won't be searching for to long to find something that I can wear and that will fit.  I have also been refashioning a lot of the clothes in my give-away pile to give them new life and save me money.  I really was going to do one post about my wardrobe once I was finished, but I have discovered that this is an ongoing project.

Here are the most recent clothes I have made for myself.  I'll just keep posting as I make more. I'll also learn to model my clothes better or teach my hubby to take some more flattering photos! 1. Simplicity 5189 pattern made with material from Africa. 2. t-shirt, bed sheets, curtain dress refashion. 3. two pairs of khaki shorts made into a skirt. 4. Same Simplicity pattern with a variation.

Here are some more pictures of my latest skirt.  I made it by combining two pairs of khaki capris.

I've got lots more ideas so I'll post them soon.  What have you made for yourself?

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