Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter snack for our friends

I read about this wonderful idea for a bird feeder garland from the Chocolate Muffin Tree.

After a bit of a rough morning last week with TJ I thought I'd try something a little more quiet before naps.  I showed TJ the blog post and he jumped at the idea.  We used frozen cranberries (easier to thread), stale no name cereal and some dried out Italian bread.  I was happy to use up some food and share with our little outdoor friends.
TJ tastes a cranberry =(
MJ eating all the cereal
TJ focused his attention for quite a long time, I was rather surprised.  His plan was to use all the cranberries then switch to the cereal.  About half way through he let me have a turn.  I had more of a pattern in mind.
Look at that concentration
So proud of his work

We placed our little garland on a bush outside.  We'll see who takes a nibble. If I were to do this again I'd make several smaller ones to hang up like decorations.

MJ was busy the whole time with a bucket of rice.  He is really into pouring things these days!

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