Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dresses for Guatemala

Back in December a lady from my church approached me to help make some dresses to send to another country, I think Guatemala.  She is going in February to meet her sponsor child and is also taking some dresses for a program there.  A group of ladies have re-modeled donated prom dresses for a variety of sizes.  I made some very simple and durable sun dresses for the younger girls.   I apologize that I don't have more information about the organization but I am praying that these dresses may be a blessing to those who will receive them.
These dresses only too about 1.5 hours each.  I made 2 more but forgot to photograph them.  I ended up making an extra one because my sister fell in love with this pink one for my niece.

These are so easy to make.  The bodice is a front and back piece with a lining.  The shape looks like bunny ears.  The skirt is 15 inches by about 60 inches and is also lined.   I think if I were creative enough I could make the dress fully reversible.
If you are seriously interested I can some how describe the pattern better to you personally.  I'm also working on a doll dress to match.

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