Monday, 30 January 2012

More Felt Food

A few weeks ago I found a wooden play kitchen for free on Kijiji.  I know.  How could I pass up such an amazing offer, especially since I just made a lot of felt food at Christmas?!  My wonderful husband went and picked it up for us.  It has been a big hit even though we didn't fix it up or anything.
Our kitchen when we first got it
This past week we finally got to doing some work on the play kitchen.  I liked how it was simple as it leaves more room for the imagination.  We did add some hooks and a bucket for storage.  Jon also added a back to the black shelf so the food wouldn't fall out.  Our intent is to add doors to make it a fridge.  When we get some time and money we'll get to it.
Ikea accessories

Pot hooks for the sides

Remodel of play kitchen
In the evenings I have been making a few more pieces of felt food.  Pictures below is a slice of tomato, a piece of lettuce, slice of swiss cheese, a loaf, half a bagel, a piece of watermelon and some peanut butter.  TJ calls it Wow Butter (a new soy butter we are trying due to MJ's peanut allergy).

I have grand plans but little time.  I am working on some strawberries, an apple, a cob of corn and another half of a bagel.  I'l love to purchase a set of wooden meats you can slice.  And I've got plans to knit a dozen eggs for our empty carton.

Any suggestions for more things to make?

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