Friday, 6 January 2012

Dress-up clothes

This Christmas I made a special present for my mom and the grandkids.

For these tail I found this wonderful idea from Vixen Made.  I followed her tutorial except I couldn't find the name tags.  After a short trip to the thrift store I found a pair of suspenders.  The clips on the ends worked great.  Now I need to make some more to keep at our own house.

Felt ears sewn around hairbands
Felt crowns

A bit of elastic sewn to the back 

Simple felt flowers sen to a band of material.
I also made this tutu for TJ.  He has had so much fun playing dress up, so I made something to go with his wings.  It is made from tying little strips of tule around a length of elastic.
My next step is to properly set up our dress-up area with a mirror and hooks.

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