Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Playing with Recycling

I love that TJ's imagination is bursting with great ideas.  In the past two weeks before recycling day we have made some really cute creations for his little toys.

First we made a city by gluing all sorts of boxes onto a big poster we were recycling.  I had initially gathered up all the supplies expecting us to make cardboard sculptures, but TJ just wanted to do his own thing.  We've had a great time making up all sorts of stories for his toys.  You can see a frog in the apartment building in the photo!

 We have two very small knit bees that have been a recent favourite for TJ.  His little friends needed a new beehive since their imaginary ones were broken.  I helped him make some rooms and we put in furniture too.  TJ was especially proud of his colouring.
 Of course no house is complete without a garage.  Our's happens to be larger than the beehive house, but then that's how it should be for a boy.  We even saw MJ playing with the house one time.
 Here is my little race car driver playing with a toaster oven that needs to go into storage.  Both boys played with the play food for quite a while the other day. I was happy they were enjoying the play food I made.  I've got big plans for more food when I get a chance.
 Here is a picture of the little kitchen we picked up for free!!  I hope to turn the black shelves into a fridge.  Sorry there is no photo of MJ this time.  He is too fast for me!

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