Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Sneak Peek - Gifts For the Boys part 1

Warning!  If you do not want to see what I am giving the boys for Christmas then read no further. 
Mom this is for you!!

For a long time now TJ has been using our fabric roads but gets frustrated because they wrinkle.  This year I made TJ a car mat!  I am so excited to give TJ this gift.  There are many different blogs who have inspired this idea and unfortunately I didn't write them all down.  I do encourage you to do a quick search for car mats to give you some ideas.  I have even found some cute ones for girls.
Rolls up for easy travel.
Pockets for "parking" cars

Farm, construction site, places that TJ loves to go

Down town

Love this idea from Soule Mama for gift bags.  I'd like to have ours all coordinated too so I'm waiting until after Christmas this year in hopes of a good sale.

I'm very pleased at how this turned out.  I got the green material from Value Village as an old blanket that I cut in two pieces.  The rest was made of felt and material from my stash.  I'm a little annoyed that the velcro ribbon is not centred at all.  I'm tempted to move it, but I know TJ won't mind.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks coming soon.


  1. It's GREAT! I love it. I'll put my order in now :)

  2. Very cute!! Love all the detail you put into it! I made my little guy a car mat for Christmas this year too!