Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Advent Ideas

I can hardly believe it is almost December.  I know many people have started to decorate.  We are still quite busy and the boys have colds so I'll probably decorate in a week or so.  I did want to share an idea that does take a bit more planing so you'll have time to get ready.
My boys last year at Christmas
Several years ago I gathered up all my scrap material and made 24 simple little stockings.  Ours don't have a theme but are all fun little stockings that we can fill with our own treats. I'll post better photos once I get decorating.
Our stocking advent calendar in the background
Last year I came across a great idea but I'm not sure what blog it was on.  We have now added activities to our Advent Calendar.  Basically each day there is a piece of paper tuck into the stocking, that has a special activity on it for the day.  If you go to Code Name Mama, she has a great list of ideas for activities.
Our hand knit Nativity
We have included crafts, giving, parties and local events, winter activities. Here is our list to get you started.
1. Snowman craft
2. Gather our Christmas books, puzzles etc.
3. Main Street Christmas (event at a local Church)
4. Donate (to be determined)
5. Make Rice Krispies trees
6. Game night
7. Reindeer craft
8. Christmas movie
9. Decorate Christmas tree
10. Bake loaves
11. Cousin's birthday party
12. Decorate house/ make paper chain
13. Service project (not sure yet)
14. Make cards for extended family
15. Act out Christmas story with toys
16. Bake ginger bread cookies
17. Make gifts for extended family
18. See the lights around town
19. Christmas movie
20. Angel craft
21. Wrap gifts
22. make ice candles
23. Bake birthday cake for Jesus
24. Family party (bring cake)

I like these ideas for advent calendars too.
Names of Jesus ornaments - I just added this after my original post.  I think I'll try to do this too on a wreath
Activity Advent Calendars
Book advent
10 simple advent ideas 

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