Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Happy Ending

Today ended so wonderfully that I just had to write about it.  My boys played mostly by themselves today, nicely, without needing me too much, for over half an hour!!!!!!! I still can't believe it happened.

It all started this morning...

TJ and his incredible memory remembered a toy that he wanted to use.  He tried to describe it to us but both mommy and daddy were thinking of something else and mistakenly told TJ that we no longer had it.  So after a melt down and slightly stressful pancake breakfast, TJ tried again to describe what he wanted.  Once we clued in it began an early morning hunt all over the house for a Playmobile tractor.

As soon as MJ saw the tractor, he wanted it too so they started to fight.  I had a revelation and remembered that we had a tone of Playmobile in storage, so Jon dug out the ladder and went looking.  We found another large tractor and a helicopter.

It was like Christmas came early for those two.  All day they played with these toys without stopping.  MJ would twirl around in circles to make the helicopter fly.  TJ loaded the tractors with millions of different loads. One load included my Blackberry which ended up outside in a compartment of the Skidoo (thanks Jon for finding that one!)
TJ pulling a toy pot full of random things
MJ driving a tractor on the couch
In the evening they chose to play with these toys instead of our sensory bins!  MJ is learning to play and copy how TJ drives the tractor around to pick up loads.  He tried many times throughout the day to join in our imaginative play.  TJ attached the helicopter to many different containers and made deliveries.  He even helped MJ fix his tractor when the trailer came off.
TJ with the helicopter pulling a flatbed truck

MJ and the tractor with his Taggie blanket
On a side note it was also a very productive day.  I got more leaves cleared, finished TJ's christmas present (will post on that soon), did some house work and Jon and I put some company labels on his truck! Oh and MJ has been trying to sing to me.  He is copying a song from Baby Signing Time called sunny day.  It comes out more like "sun sun sun a guy", he is trying to say "sun sun sun in the sky".

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