Wednesday, 9 November 2011

30 Days to Hands on PLay: Sensory Play

My boys and I have been playing a lot with the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.  Some days the boys aren't into the particular activity that I set up but we go with the flow and spend some quality time together.  Each day there is a new prompts to challenge parents to get involved for at leas 15min of un-inturrupted play with their kids.  I do encourage everyone to check it out the Imagination Tree and Hands On: As we grow.  You can also follow discussions on the Play Network.

The little dump truck and an excavator joined the fun.

TJ made me "many delicious treats"

Our sensory bin

I made 2 bins so that each boy could play without fighting.  They traded bins part way through by moving around on their own.  I basically opened my craft drawers an emptied out all the containers.

* cotton balls
* pom poms
* buttons
* pipe cleaners
* pasta
* rice
* jingle bells
* milk caps (we have a set with the alphabet an numbers)

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