Monday, 3 October 2011

Ginger bread cookies

The other day the weather was cold and rainy, and both boys had a cold.  We watched a lot of TV that day, but... I really wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary (we've been rather stressed and busy).  So we made gingerbread cookies!

I used a recipe from Company's Coming that worked out perfectly.  We got out some fun shapes like pumpkins, ice cream cones, trains, and people.  MJ had a great time with all the cookie cutters.  TJ and I baked while MJ was playing.  He came over to visit a few times which made baking tricky.  Once we got to the dough I gave each boy a lump to pay with.  MJ promptly thanked me and ate his!  TJ and I used a small rolling pin (my big one is packed somewhere) and had fund with the dough.

I left TJ decorate the cookies with icing and smarties all by himself and he did a great job.  MJ was so excited about what we were doing he kept climbing on the table for more.

MJ is a fun little guy.  He signs thank you every time anyone hands him something.  He is relentless about climbing chairs and getting onto the kitchen table.  He loves to wrestle TJ and has just started to copy TJ's screaming (it's getting loud over here).  MJ's favourite game is peek-a-boo it is so cute to hear him try to say that.

TJ is becoming so independent now.  I am surprised everyday at how much he can do alone, yet he always wants his bunny and sucky (soother).  The other day he came and shoed me the glass of water he got for himself.  He described to me how he'd pushed the chair over to the counter, climbed up to get a glass out of the self and then filled it with water from the cooler!  He's working on self-control and his temper but I'm sure that is an age thing.

What do you do when everyone has a cold or is sick??

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  1. Looks like a fun project! I love the smell of gingerbread!