Friday, 14 October 2011

crafting together

Today is another cold and rainy day.  After making some yummy apple cookies this morning we played in the play room for a while.  TJ played hair dresser, then moved on to fishing while MJ and I read lots of books.  The boys really are not used to being inside so much since the spring.  After a quick snack I pulled out all the craft supplies, dug through the recycling for some boxes and let TJ have some fun in the kitchen.
TJ loves to cut and tape things

We just found some stamping markers
MJ played with the chalk for a while.  I began to notice he like to fill and empty containers so I got out pom-poms and an ice cube tray for him.
MJ filling the tape roll with pom-poms
MJ loves being part of the action
TJ is currently pretending to be a robot with the marker lids.

I think we are going to have a fun fall full of learning opportunities.

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