Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fall Leaves

All the leaves are Falling Down
(tune: London Bridges)

All the leaves are falling down... falling down... falling down
All the leaves are falling down.. let's rake them up

We'll rake them in a great big pile... great big pile... grate big pile
We'll rake them in a great big pile.. now let's all jump in!

Hope you are enjoying the fall too!
Our greatest times have been jumping in the big leaf pile in the forest.  TJ calls that his house.  I was even invited over to play in his house one day.  I need to make sure I dress right, my polar fleece jacket isn't the best for leaves. The boys love to help collect and mow the leaves.  Sometimes we use the tractor, but if the leaves get too deep then I rake them onto a tarp to drag away.  Both boys hop on for a ride until mommy's arms are too tired.  I get quite a work-out!
Happy Fall

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