Monday, 14 May 2012

Outdoor Kitchen - revisit

We have had an interesting spring.  The weather has swung between nice and sunny, to quite cool.  These pictures are a bit older but it was such a fun day.  I had unfortunately found some ants in my flour so I figured the boys could have some fun with it instead.

We gathered up some some leaves and other nature items to mix in with the flour.  The boys had so much fun over by the wood pile.  I gave them each their own set of bowls and utensils so there would be less arguments.

TJ decided his mixture was going to be Fairy cake
 After working in the outdoor kitchen the boys needed a good cleaning!!  MJ had a bath because he was completely covered in gooey flour.  TJ faired a little better so he got to play in the kitchen sink.  While we were there he noticed that some items sink and others float.  TJ first thought it was due to size, hen perhaps that there was air trapped in the cups, maybe some were heavier... We discussed this for a bit.  He may not have come to any specific conclusions but it was good to challenge his thinking and experiment for a while.
TJ's sink experiment

You can check out last year's outdoor kitchen here.

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  1. What a fabulous outdoor kitchen! Many hours of fun there :-)

    I have to admit that I had your cookbook all ready to send with your address and somehow I have misplaced the sticky note with your address. Could I bother you to email it again? - sorry!