Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Meet Our Fairies

We borrowed this book from the library called Felt Wee Folks by Salley Mavor

Inside are the most adorable and easy to make fairies and little felt folks.  They are made of pipe cleaners wrapped in embroidery floss with little wooden beads for heads.  The clothing is made of silk flowers and felt.  At the beginning is a simple pattern for kids.
TJ's fairy Fazooza
Although the projects were too advanced to the boys to do alone, TJ still got quite involved as did cousin E.  TJ painted several wooden beads (orange and purple) for heads.  He helped me to take apart the fake flowers we picked up at the dollar store.  And of course he provided guidance as he picked out the colours to be used.
Mommy's fairy Woodlet
After making one for himself when cousin E was over to play, TJ decided to make one for each of us.  We have been having a wonderful time playing with our fairies for hours this past week.
MJ's fairy Flower
Don't forget to check out Magic Onion's Fairy Garden Contest.  We are currently making some furniture and will be sharing pictures of our space soon.

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  1. They are lovely. I've had that book on my wish list for awhile, sadly my local library doesn't have a copy. Good to see some crafts from it :-)

    And thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times!

  2. By the way, you won the cookbook Helpings on my blog ~ check it out