Friday, 11 May 2012

Hand made party decorations

Over the past few years I have been slowly working towards making some reusable party decorations.  Not only are they beautiful, personal and eco-friendly.  They also create memories as they are used over and over again for many celebrations.

Fabric bunting
We have a reversible fabric bunting that says Happy Birthday on one side and has no words on the other side (can be used for any occasion).  I have material all ready for a fall "give thanks" banner... someday. We also have a smaller version of this bunting that is blues and greens on one side and oranges and pinks on the other.  It can be used in many locations for different occasions.

TJ's birthday hat
I used the tutorial from here to make the hat, only I enlarged the pattern a bit. MJ will be receiving his own hat for his birthday in June. I know many people make crowns but my guys associate party hats with birthdays.

Felt birthday cake
 I used several sites to make this cake.  I got the pattern for the candles from here. I used this great tutorial for the main part of the cake.  I had intended to add the icing but ran out of time and I think it still looks cute.
Simple table cloths made from thrift store fabric.
Next up will be a giant birthday cupcake with sprinkles for MJ.  More bunting and ... feel free to send some inspiration my way and I'll get sewing!

I hope to be adding some of these decorative ideas to my store.  If you are visiting today please be sure to check it out, I am always happy to create custom orders. You can also visit me on Facebook at Me Again Creations


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  1. I also love home made decorations, and did birthday banners for my girls this year.
    Your cake is super sweet.