Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday's Favourites: Faces Game

It's Friday!!  Here I will share with you something that was our favourite thing this week.

For the past two weeks TJ has been coming up to me randomly during the day and asking me to play our faces game.  I taught him how different emotions look on your face to help him express himself.  TJ is a very intense and sensitive child.  He feels things very strongly and expresses himself usually with a scream, although all his screams sound alike so we never know if he is hurt or happy.  Now TJ knows some faces to uses along with words to describe how he feels.

Here is how we play:

TJ: Mommy lets play faces.
Me: Okay show me a mad face
 TJ: Mommy you show me a sad face
 Me: Great! How about a happy face (he is working on smiling)
 TJ: Here is my sleeping face

Well you get the idea.  You can do all sorts of emotion.  We are also practicing our sign language so we try to sign to go with our face when we can.

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