Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tuesday's Tips: Cloth Napkins

Welcome to another Tuesday!  I love this idea and wish we'd done it years ago.  The trick is to find the right material, or take the time to make them right.

I just happened to come across this strange material that reminds me of an old nightgown I had as a child.  Anyways I cut it into squares (about the size of a small paper towel).  Now we use them in them in the kitchen all the time.  It's been great for dirty hands, spit-up, washing. Basically anything you'd use a aper towel for.

Here are some ideas you could use to make your own.
* Use flannel (old receiving blankets are great) and sew the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch
* Use polar fleece as it doesn't fray
* Buy a tone of dish cloths or wash cloths on sale and use them around the house.

We also use cloth diapers.  I have made a set of flannel cloths to use for changing diapers.  This has been great and since I have to wash the diapers anyways, the wipes are easy to clean.

I challenge everyone to use less paper and see what difference it makes for you!

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