Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday: Playing Outside!

On Thursdays I'd like to share with you what we have been doing as a family during the week.

This week we have been at home a lot.  We did some babysitting on Monday and Tuesday, then Tuesday night MJ was up all night teething and crying, so we stayed home on Wednesday too.  I usually like to get out once a day and go to places like the library, the Ontario Early Years Centre, grocery shopping, or visiting friends.  We have managed to get outside a bit this week.  I'd like to share some ideas with you.

Playing outside with young ones is difficult so we often go out during nap time.

Dress warm (that includes you too moms)!  I found some great leg warmers at the dollar store near us.  TJ likes to wear them over his pants and on his arms.  This keeps him warm under his snow suit without the extra bulk of sweaters.  MJ wears leg warmers every time we go out to cover the gap between his pants and shoes.  I took the time to invest in some good boots, hat and mitts for myself because I usually get cold before the kids.  Keeping warm can be tricky.  We take usually take a break and come inside to warm up.  I use this time to check on the baby if he is sleeping.

Sleds are a wonderful way to entertain a young one.  I usually just pull MJ around the yard while TJ is digging and playing.  We live near a forrest and take walks often.  Our sled saves me from taking the stroller in the snow.

Sand toys can be great to use throughout the year.  We love to make snow castles.
Spray bottles can be filled with colourful water to make fun designs in the snow.

Snow shovels for children can be found at the dollar store or other places and keep your older ones occupied and sometimes helpful too.

Have fun out there!

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