Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Very simple spring craft

As spring approaches and the weather occasionally begins to warm up, our thoughts turn towards the outside more and more.  We spent almost the whole day outside today.

 The other day in the evening I was looking for something to do with the boys.  We painted several coffee filters with watercolour paints.  Water colours are my new friend as they are far less messy than poster or finger paints.  Our set is empty now and the one from the dollar store really doesn't work unless I work on each colour for a minute.  I am going to splurge and spend some actual money on some watercolours.
Beautiful watercolour coffee filters
 Once they dried we pinched the middles together and used a clothes peg to make them into butterflies.  If I had wooden clothes pegs we would paint them too and perhaps add eyes or antenna.
You can use decorated coffee filters any time of year.  Try:
Flowers for any occasion
Cut into an egg shape for easter
Make snowflakes in the winter
Cut into almost any shape like hearts or trees
Make a mobile
butterflies hanging from the kitchen lights
What else do you craft with a coffee filter??

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