Wednesday, 14 March 2012

St. Patty's Crafts

Oh the fun we have had with all things green. As you can see we went on a "green" treasure hunt and gathered up anything green we could find to decorate the mantle. There are kitchen items, toys, books etc. Then we made some fun crafts.

Marble painted lucky clovers

marbles or small balls
container with lid

1. Pour some paint into a bowl, add the marbles
2. Tape your paper to the bottom of the container
3. Using a spoon or ladle, scoop some balls with a bit of paint into the paper

4. Snap on the lid and shake, shake, shake
5. Open up and marvel at your work.  Then make some more.
6. Once dry, trace a shape onto the back and cut out.
TJ hung them in every direction all over the house
Last week the boys got together for a play-date with some friends and we had a great time making these green collages.

Green Collage

green art supplies
card stock or heavy paper

1. On card stock print or draw the shape of a clover (or any shape you'd like)
2. Gather up any green craft supplies (paper, tissue, pompoms, sequins, foam sheets, stickers...)
3. On the back side of the paper let your kids glue all sorts of green things
4. Once dry cut out your shape and enjoy
MJ and I made this decoration for his door

TJ liked his full collage and didn't want it cut up
On St. Patty's day we are planing a green meal and some other fun things.
How are you celebrating?

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