Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easy Coffee Filter Eggs and Flowers

Here is a fun and easy craft to do any time of year.
Coffee filters
Spray bottle with water
 How to:
1. Colour with markers on the coffee filters
2. Spray coffee filter with water
3. Let the coffee filter dry
4. Cut into fun shapes or gather the middle and attach to a pipe cleaner for a flower.
MJ just had fun playing with the markers

TJ's coloured on filter

Mommy's coloured on filter

Spray with water

Hold up to let the colours flow

Wow check out my work!
After the filters dry you can cut them into shapes or form into flowers
As you can see from the last photo we haven't quite found the time to finish this craft.  TJ had a great time experimenting with effects.  Try dots, swirls, patterns, different colours...

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