Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Lights

I am behind on updating you all on our advent activities.  I've also been bad at taking pictures.  Our camera battery only lasts for a few shots so I've been using my Blackberry.  Unfortunately I am lazy and haven't downloaded the photos yet.  Last weekend we went to visit reindeer at the local garden centre. We made some Christmas cards and had lots of fun making chocolate Christmas gifts from the boys.  We have done a lot of baking too.  There are a lot of December Birthdays in the family so Happy Birthday cousin Elodie and Aunty Bonnie.
We discovered this morning that someone broke the display on the camera and it is now busted.  Still takes some pictures so we are letting the boys have it.  My wonderful husband gave me my Christmas present early so we wouldn't miss out on any upcomming events.  I got a new camera!!!!!
The boys at the garden centre
THis week TJ was complaining about severe joint pain and when we took him to the doctor we found out he had strep throat.  So he has not been himself this week. It really hurts him to move around, unless he is distracted or has had some pain relievers.
Daddy is the best distraction.  As soon as I mentioned helping Daddy hang the lights TJ perked right up and was right out there untangling the lights and changing bulbs.  MJ dropped a few outdoor bulbs down the chipmunk hold in the front yard. And both boys loved climbing the ladders. After dinner we went out to look at the lights downtown at the harbour.

Our House lights
Lights down town Burlington

One of the Nativity Wise men didn't light up.
Merry Christmas!

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